Ever since she was a little kid, Alyxx Dione has devoted her life to making music that follows her straight-from-the-heart vision. Raised in Buffalo, New York, Alyxx began writing and recording her own material when she was just 11-years-old. “I pretty much always knew that music was what I wanted to do forever,” says Alyxx, who used to self-produce CDs in her bedroom and then pass them out to her classmates. “Every day I’d go to school, come home and do my homework, and then just spend the rest of my time working on my songs.” Drawing from all kinds of influences—from the gospel music adored by her mother to the Missy Elliott and Aaliyah records her dad constantly played—Alyxx focused intently on finding her voice as an artist and learning to channel pure emotion into her lyrics and delivery.

After graduating high school, she went to live with her dad in Los Angeles and joined a series of girl groups that she now credits with sharpening her vocal skills and performance chops (as well as helping her get over her longtime shyness about singing for crowds). At the same time, Alyxx kept up with her songwriting and developed her sound by carefully studying strong, boundary-pushing solo artists like Lauryn Hill and Janet Jackson. She also became an avid Instagram user and has built up a tremendously loyal following on social media that has coined the term the “#ALYANCE”. Keeping her fans engaged and satiated by posting compelling covers and photos giving them an inside sneak peek at her life has earned Alyxx a constantly growing team.

Whether she’s singing about self-empowerment, love or loss, happiness or pain, Alyxx says that raw, real emotion is the key element in each of her songs. “I remember listening to the most emotional music when I was little and feeling like I totally understood every word—even though I was a kid and really had no idea what it was like to be in love or be heartbroken,” she notes. And now that she’s grown as an artist and gained some life experience, one of her biggest ambitions in creating her debut album is to reach that same level of deep connection with her own listeners. “Making music is like medicine to me,” says Alyxx. “Whenever I’ve been down, I’ve used it as an escape or a way to move on. So the idea of brightening someone’s day or helping them get through something with my songs—that’s really what this is all about.”


Singer, Songwriter, Actress